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Year 5/6 – Oaks Class

Class Information

Year 5/6 Class Teacher: Mrs T Grimwood

Year 5/6 Class Teaching Assistant: Miss F Hall

Welcome to Oaks Class (Year 5/6)

intro needed – talk about progression from year 4/5

Lastly, we ensure to follow the national curriculum for the primary curriculum in England for programmes of study and attainment targets for KS2.

We look forward to welcoming you into Oaks Class!


Our timetable can be downloaded below. Here, parents and pupils have the opportunity to view the class schedule to see the day-to-day routine including the range of curriculum that is covered. We have found that children with SEND have responded well to visually seeing the structure of the day ahead.

Oaks Class Timetable

Terms/Topic Information

Curriculum planning here at Sedley’s follows a thematic approach, with topics at the heart of each term of learning. We have a programme mapped out for the year in which we make meaningful links so that learning opportunities are maximised.  Teaching staff have developed the themes for our children to explore, ensuring coverage of the National Curriculum Programmes of Study.  These plans, however, are fluid and are developed, revised and changed according to the needs and interests of the children.

More Infomation about the subjects can be found on our curriculum pages.

TermTopic NameCurriculum OverviewKnowledge MatNewsletter
1Mysterious MayansTerm 1 Curriculum OverviewTerm 1 Knowledge MatTerm 1 Newsletter
2Crime and PunishmentTerm 2 Curriculum OverviewTerm 2 Knowledge MatTerm 2 Newsletter
3Vile VictoriansTerm 3 Curriculum Overview

Home Learning

Each term, pupils will be given the opportunity to enhance their learning through extra research regarding their topic. The downloads below will be updated each term to help pupils expand their knowledge and reinforce their learning from class.

Term One: Mysterious Mayans
Term Two: Crime and Punishment

Useful Parent Resources at Year 5/6

For further useful resources, please visit each curriculum page.